Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Saturday :D

I've applied for add staffing job. I have interview Tuesday, which should go okay as I'm sure my assessment tests came out well. I need to work because we need the money, and hopefully, between my husband and I, we will get a full weeks worth of work. It will be enough so we can buy the yard things we want and I can get ink. I told him I am writing and hitting it hard for the next year while I have child support still coming in (which will end soon enough!) and I'm not doing any job that will suck the life out of me like most of my previous jobs. Writing is my career choice.

We had a relatively good day today. A friend had a party and it was fun :D Got to see the in-laws as well. Now, trying to watch a movie with family but hubby and kids won't quit fighting. GRRRRRR hubby wants to watch movie (silly man, we have three children under 9) and a six year old who wants to ask questions through the whole movie, an 18 month old who throws a fit at the drop of a hat, and an 8 almost 9 yr old who thinks that listening to grown ups is a sin. Best movie time ever...

I'm trying to enjoy Indiana Jones anyway, but since I can't, I'm reading my blogs and ignoring the lot of them.

Maybe they'll all go to bed early.

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