Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Script Frenzy day 14

I still haven't done my taxes GRR If I don't get my card today, I will have to do them tomorrow in a public place then go home and print them, then out to the post office!! What a pain in the -- er, ask your mother what it is... (line from play that openend last night!)

Working on so many things at once that I am driving hubby crazy. He wants me to get X done, but I want X done and we are both right, LOL I need to write like 10 hours a day is all! Maybe starting Thursday, I can manage for three days in a row to do this.

**Sigh** Maybe in between doing housework and taking hubby to work (at least he's working one day this week!) and taking care of 18 month old with Down Syndrome and **sigh** yeah, now we all know why ten hour days isn't feasible.

I'm working up to four! but that includes, research, networking and blogs so... Will end up at six eventually. Have to.

For script frenzy, I need to make up 35 pages or something unreal. I will do that, I swear. I am going to win it if I have to give up sleep all weekend. :D

I'm using it to help my novel that is the same basic story so I'm going back and forth, but both the script and the novel are better for the experience! It just takes time, is all. ALL??? Like I have a whole lot of that! :D

I'm really enjoying the query workshop and learning a lot! It was money well spent and I will use the lessons and explanations from everyone's work to help me with all future queries. I've sent my second draft off, so should hear back soon on the improvement (cross fingers) and the new problems I added by making the changes. LOL

Everyone have a good day and try to find what makes you happy.

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