Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Not sure how this posted blank the first time, but it did. So sorry if you follow and got a blank post :D

My interview for my "day" job went well. It was for a temp agency that places people in all sorts of jobs. My office scores were high, despite, tiredness and trying to hurry and no meds.

In fact, they tried to place me for a "permanent temporary" position. One that if you work out, you are hired with benefits, etc. but you have to drive the car. I have an accident and speeding ticket on my record. No insurance yet, one of MANY reasons I need a day job. Insurance I can fix with a good job. Anyways, they were impressed with my scores and wanted to place me immediately. Good sign, but, sigh, on the loss of a city job before it even began.

Hope everyone's day is going well. Off to look at sending out more queries...

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