Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm a dunce

I think I am excited by my book signing, judging by how many posts I did on it :) on the sister blog, After the Beginning, two posts in a row were about the signing LOL

At home, hubby sick, daughter and son not felling great, although I think they have "spring fever" with a dash of "senioritis" thrown in for my daughter.

I'm fighting depression, not very well at this point, as the anniversary of my brother's death gets closer and closer. Since his (Timmy)birthday in February, I've been having unexpected crying fits and the whole he's left in my life has become more and more apparent.

I was adopted. Timmy was first baby born after that and he was my connection to the adopted family. Two of my sisters were adopted with me, but they were younger. I was ten. A hard age to be adopted at. I feel as if I've been severed from the family in a way that can't be fixed. Writing and painting has saved me from uncontrolled depression more than once these last few months.

Well, I best get to writing and hope I hit it big before graduation... All that senior stuff!

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  1. No one can understand the lost of your brother, not even I who have lost a sister. I have lost my parents as well. But no one can feel the pain you feel for the lose of your family member. We can compare stories of them but can never true understand the holes that are in your life. Keep your head up.