Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's alive!

LOL I am still here :D I have been madly editing for contest that I entered. Sorry to say I did not make final cut, but Deidre Knight, agent for The Knight Agency, sent me a twitter letting me know I was in good company, that the choice had been a hard one. And, here's the part that made me favorite the tweet, to please send her future work:) Can't ask for more than that from losing a contest!

Plus, in the midst of the contest, I saw that a specific house wanted thrillers (One of which I just happen to have) so I did the boring edits this past weekend. During the editing period, I sent twits out as story time from bits and pieces of my story. Well, Monday morning I woke up to an editor's request (through twitter) to please send to her :)

In this business, one never knows. However, I have had many requests from agents that I have submitted to, to send in future work to them. I am "this" close guys! I keep writing new stories in the hopes that one will make it. I learn something with every tale.

Plus, by following my favorite blog--edittorrent--I keep my brain refreshed on plotting ideas, pacing, and most importantly for my befuddled brain, grammar. I'm on a major roller coaster ride. For me, it is a high to be asked for my work!

How has your week been? Any highs and lows to go with mine :) I love to hear from others, whether by twitter or on comments, so don't be a stranger!


  1. I love your optimism. I know that every disappointment is supposed to be a lesson, so I generally aim low, myself.
    Followed you here from Tawna's blog, thanks for backing me up on the Phil Collins thing. I thought maybe I just had a short bald guy fetish, but then Danny Devito really doesn't do it for me, so it's probably okay.

  2. @Terri Anne (Did you ever say, "Anne with an 'E' just for the fun of it?!":)

    OY, I completely forgot about the bald thingy. Nope, not a fetish (Danny Devito doesn't do it for me either!) LOL

    I really enjoy Tawna's blog and sometimes wish i had her suave funniness. I can only do that in bantering with another person.

    It's okay to aim low in the beginning, but IMO it's important to start raising your sites as you begin to grow, so that you will continue growing. Reading blogs like hers is a great way to keep your foot in and encourage yourself.

    Thanks for commenting