Friday, July 22, 2011

Lots of stories

Funny, when I released my smut (I just love that word! Oh, and this one, smexy!) I figured on no sales for a week or so, especially since my CP and biggest fan was on an airplane the day I released it, but I've had a few sales already :D And, more peeps have shown an interest! I'm so excited! It's available through Amazon now, and yes, I did do the cover :) This is all good practice for the release of my romantic thriller next month, which I'm hoping to have good sales on! I love to write :D

I write in all different genres. I have so much writing I've done, and now that I've taken the plunge into self-pubbing, I have lots I'm going to put up for sale. With the shorts, the I'll probably have something new every month to six weeks, and I'm putting up free stuff on my website. And as you heard on prior blogs, I'm going to school, yada yada, so BUSY, BUSY! but fun busy :D

Also, looks like I might have small commission next month :D makes me double happy cuz I get to utilize an idea I've had floating in my head for a bit now :D She can pay the half down next month which I'll use to buy the particular canvases with. I'm so excited!

Don't forget about my art auction! Please...thanks! My email is posted on the blog site, but just in case, here's the one I check the most:

Have a great day and buy my books! and my friends' books :D

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