Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My wedding anniversary is coming up on Saturday, and I've decided to do a sale :D I'm putting my erotica, Sex Rehearsal and Murder on sale for 50% off :D It's an auto generated coupon and the coupon code is CB98T It will expire on Sunday, July 31st. I have no idea what timezone so better not wait until last minute to do it lol

Also, I've released a book, the romantic thriller Winds of Fire: Eagle Claw Series and the hero is based on my husband :D Thought it was apropo :D It does have a decided military bent to the whole premis. Anyway, celebrate 12 years of love and marriage with me by taking advantage of the sale and checking out Winds of Fire!

And thanks to everyone who's already purchased or beta read for me!! You're all the greatest!

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