Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I feel so much more focused today. Which is funny, because it's probably the day I'll spend the least amount of time writing this week :) I have to garden and make my boys some clothes. And do dishes. Suck. Anyway, we've all heard the I hate house work suck, so put the sound track here***and on with the show.

I'm going back to school. I'm registered, financial aid is ready, and I'm "this" close :P Can't wait! So now, I'm frantically trying to figure out what I need to get done before school starts, what needs to be done during school, working out schedule around the kid's school (Which will be easy. Nate has Mon-Tues off and one class is in the evening, and one class individual studies.) and all the rest that goes along with that.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get the canning done this year. Last year's supplier of good produce at good prices isn't doing so well this year, and I don't have as much money, food wise, this year :( Really kind of frustrated about the canning stuff. ARGH

ANYWAY, try to get off the lack of money subject and all related concepts, I'm writing for my website now. Almost done with first installment. Nearly at 49k with the paranormal rewrite :D my goal is minimum of 50k and I'm going to smoke that. Maybe not today cuz my writing time is almost up, but tomorrow then :) Look for Winds of Fire, a Military-offshoot Romantic Thriller coming in August through kindle and smashwords. It's starting to trickle back from Beta's now :) I'm also writing a novel, by Oct 1 (maybe since I still don't have the approval for synopsis yet) and continuing to write for Splintered Lands site.

So, I know that sounds like a lot of stuff, so how can I focus? Well, I have a direction, I have due dates, and I'm not feeling like my life is such a waste. I need to make money, so hopefully people will buy my Etsy stuff (speaking of which, have you seen the leather braided keychains I made? More to come!), and that need has weighed on me greatly. But now, I don't feel the same pressure about it. The need is as great or greater than it's been before (it's why I put a donate button on my site. Although how I'll feel if anyone actually does it, IDK) but I feel like there's hope. And hope is important. It's how I find my focus. If I have hope, than I can accomplish a lot of things. So here's to hope and focus. Getting it done!


  1. This is wonderful!! I'm so happy for you, which you already know, but it bears repeating!!

    Could you put in a link to the Etsy page with the braided leather keychains? I want to see them :D

  2. key chain link http://www.etsy.com/listing/78044694/white-leather-keychain

    I have one with silver beads as well that will go up in a few days...the whit one with beads will probably be 9.50...just twitter me if you like them :D