Monday, July 25, 2011


Some of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed that I've put out more buy from me type tweets. Well, that's because I now have two jobs (besides being a mother and wife, I mean) of being a writer and an artist. I'm not making a lot of money on my art, but the 10-20 dollars for my ACEOs and other small products have sure come in handy. So, it's a job. And besides the job, I have this dream of being a writer. A paid writer :) So, that's what I'm doing. I'm putting out a bunch of my books that I've been writing over the last few years (mostly the ones written/finished in the last year) some shorts and some full length and choosing the ones I want to go to agents/publishers. The "special" ones that I think will hit the mass market in a favorable way. Most of my other writing is niche writing, and those I will do ebook versions of so people within that niche can buy.

As for my art, I'm trying to get commissions and sale my artwork. I can't afford to go to work. That may sound funny but lets look at the costs...

1) I homeschool. Some might say, well you can put your kids back in school. I could, but let's look at the stats. Why did I start homeschool in the first place? My son was having asthma attacks 3-5 days a week, with his brother following a close second. He was also throwing up 3-5 days a week because he was so stressed out about school. He was 9 yo old at the time. If I'm working, I'd have to call in to work in order to stay home and give my son his treatments except on days my husband has off. How long would I keep my job?

2) I have a 2yo. So would need daycare. As most daycares won't take a kid and let you pay for only 3 days a week, I'd have to pay for five days a week. For children with no special needs daycare is 500+ a month. For special needs children, which my son is since he has Down Syndrome, that starts at 700+ a month.

3) We only have one vehicle. Add in the extra cost to gas for the extra trips and money given to others if they pick us up (we live five miles from nowhere. Seriously.) wear and tear on tires, etc.

4) extra clothes. The jobs I'm most qualified for and MIGHT pay me enough to cover the costs of 2&3 would require a whole new wardrobe as I have no clothes that would work. And once I have a wardrobe, there's the upkeep, nylons, shoes, dry cleaning, etc.

5) And my Down Syndrom son, who is high functioning, largely due to the fact that his family treats him as we would any other family member, would lose out. My homeschooling has helped him more than expected.

Even going to school, I've had to take these things into account. I have night class, with only one day class (one hour) and can get help for that hour. I'll be home for kids and still able to get husband from work. And my paint stained jeans are just fine for classes. But I had to choose my classes with all the aforementioned problems in mind. W/o financial aid to help with the gas, I couldn't do it. So, please forgive me if it seems like I'm spamming your timeline...I'm tyring not to! :D But also keep me in mind when looking to purchase artsy products!

PS blogger being a booger again to me. I cannot get it to work whenever I want it to!


  1. hey twitter is a great way to promote yourself! I see no shame in that! And as the product (whether this is good or bad idk) of homeschooling, I love it and am 100% for it! I actually was able to come out of my shell and become MORE social after I switched to homeschooling, so I think it's a great thing!

    1. oooh, you're the grand winner, I figured out there's a REPLY button LOL Now I can reply individually LOL hmmm, maybe I'm more focused? IDK but Hi! *waves*

      Thanks for the encouragement. I try to interact with people on twitter, and I hope that plays in my favor when they're looking at my tweets to come buy! Since I posted this, I've pulled most of my books because I have contracts with a publisher :D so exciting! Thanks again for stopping by.