Saturday, July 30, 2011


So, in my blogging, I've tried to walk this line where I kept most of this about writing, or relate it to writing. Most of the time, this hasn't really been hard since writing is a passion for me. Sometimes though, it was a mood killer.

I tried to make the blog more and more about writing, trying to keep less of the personal end of things out etc. It wasn't working for me. I wrote this blog to help myself, and others, who are struggling as moms, wifes, and day jobbers, to also get time for themselves and their passions. Recently, someone (The great Kristen Lamb) pointed out that unless your trying to platform yourself as a writer who writes for writers, you'll be targeting the wrong people. And there goes the lightbulb.

I'm still going to write about writing. I mean, it's what's important, but I'm going to find me a hook...was thinking of doing a crochet/craft type hook (yes pun intended :D) but not sure I could write about it in a way that reflects how I write my stories. So while I search for that ever elusive hook, I'll keep on as I started--writing for those people out there struggling to find time for their passions. Writing is only the tip of the iceberg.

I think I've mentioned before, but years ago, as in 12 :) I was a realtor. Yep that was what I was doing when I married my husband. And now, my husband's aunt has offered me a job as her assistant. I may end up licensing all over again. Wouldn't that be an interesting circle. What's really funny is that I quit my Real estate job to work at doctor's office with this same aunt.

Life is funny sometimes... And, she initially hired me (yesterday) to mostly do work from home and part time it for her and by end of day I'd been told I may end up working for more peeps as an assistant. I may end up in the office more than one day a week. This fall promises to be busy. Unless I get rich overnight for some reason (like a hundred thousand people by my books in the next week:) and move away from the wapato school district, there is no way in hell that I'm putting my kids back in school. Even if we move away I might not. It was way too stressful (see earlier reasons why me finding a job is hard) and my Down Syndrome child is getting benefits from having the boys home and learning in front of him. My husband works 10+ hour shifts, one of them on Saturday, so I'd be able to work 2 days withought any problem with sitting and the schooling. More than that, there will be some serious thinking and planning on my part. My mother inlaw has college degree so could over see their daily work if I went in one more day and I could play catch up/check their work that night. My kids know, if they don't do the minimum work I want them to do, then they have school Saturday and Sunday. State wants minimum hours and I want minimum work/results. If they don't meet those criteria they know the consenquences.

How ironic is it that I find a job that will allow for me to work from home and work around the schedule and has potential for real money right after posting about how hard that would be and how unlikely I would be to find someone who would understand about my family's health issues (including my own) and where I can do most of the work from home? LOLOL Wish me luck at organizing everything. Thankfully, I just finished a rewrite, and have a cursory editing session after CP checks for grammar errors before sending it off to the editor who requested it. (keep your fingers crossed their as well!) That means I'm on a bit of inbetween time and can spend the next week on a major learning/refresher curve for Real Estate without losing any real momentum on my writing.

I've also sent out my fantasy story to two online publishing houses so I'm on a 3-4 month wait on that as well. Perfect time for me to start a new job and learn to work it into my writing routine.

Here I go. Embarking on THE DAY JOB again. :D Move 'em out!

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