Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I did it

Well, I did it. I joined the smut club :D I've added a short story I'd written a while back to Smashwords called Sex Rehearsal and Murder and to Amazon, although the link isn't available there yet. We need the money and people have really enjoyed my erotic comedy on my website. So, I did some massive editing last night and voila, the short story is here :D

Please, if you like erotica, go buy it! Or wait for the Amazon link LOL I'll post when that one comes up. Yesterday was a good day for me. I've noticed that being registered for school has so upped my mood level from depressed to happy that I'm getting more done everywhere. I wrote, including the add-on to Sex Rehearsal and murder, over 3k words yesterday, and got lots of cleaning/organizing done. I have lots more to do as it's a never ending chore, but there it is.

Anyways, :D Happy days to me! So go, buy the book as an anniversary present to me (my 12 wedding anniversary is in 10 days!) Thanks for everyone who encouraged me to go for it!

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