Saturday, July 16, 2011

I know, bad girl

Blogger is really chapping my hide, and no not in any fun way, either. So, I've put off blogging. I do have a couple of posts up at my website, for your reading enjoyment. However, that site is pretty much about writing. This, this is my story, my blog. I get open, personal, and down right ornery here :D

Today's post is an ornery one. It's about judgmental peeps who are mean. Now everyone's entitled to their opinions, but there's sharing and then there's SHARING. We live in a country that allows us to express ourselves. There are a few regulations...uh, certain types of "sharing and expressing" with minors is forbidden...things to protect the young and it should be...But what if you just don't agree with people?

Let's take the hugely taboo subject of SEX. Let's face it, sex sells. We like to read about sex. And really, why not? If no one really talked about sex, how boring would most of our sex lives be?

So why attack someone for writing a book that involves sex by saying they were selling out?? Really? UGH. Attacking a fellow writer for something like that is annoying, frustrating and beyond all niceness. Why do people think it's okay to write about murder but not sex? REcently a teacher was hassled by someone in the community for writing books with sex in them. you know it wouldn't have happened if they'd written about a serial killer. Everyone knows that person isn't out killing a bunch of people for research, yet they assume the teacher was having sex with her students...and the book wasn't about sex with minors! For pete's sake, America. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Everyone has different tastes. Let's all live the way we're comfortable to live. Don't buy the book. The best way to protest. Don't live the lifstyle. And don't judge others who do or don't do things the way you think they should be done, ie. peole who live a "swinging" lifestyle, don't judge those who don't. Someone who deosn't want to live that way isn't necessarily a prude, bitch, or trying to make you unhappy. Everyone has different tastes, the same as reading and should be allowed to live that way same as you. It goes both ways.

okay, rant over for now.


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  1. The two key considerations in this particular situation are that some of the titles are about pseudo incest (stepfather/stepdaughter) and that the titles are selling better than a new indie has any right to expect. Therefore, by writing those books it's almost like a slap in the face to "real" writers.

    Or at least that's how I'm interpreting it. The exact response that raised my hackles was in response to being told that a website was being designed to sell racier titles:

    "Gawd. Perhaps. Will you be posting pictures of yourself? I hear that's popular."

    Then there were other miscellaneous comments that were more implications than outright hostility. /shrug