Saturday, July 3, 2010

weekend update

Wow, so after the first day of this, I was in a panic. It was one of those days. Things like 20 minute drives taking 2 hours, baby on a terror, rehearsal, teenage daughter not exactly panicking, but going on a drama tear, headaches, spills, losing Internet, you name it, I had it happen that first day. Squeaked out close to 1k (had to estimate because I forgot to mark my stopping point).

Yesterday, though, I wrote my little bum off *fine you caught me: my bum is NOT little* and it's still there, unfortunately.

I'm at 5200+ few for the two days. Will make up the other 800 while trying to keep to the 1kaday for the weekend. That made about 4200 for yesterday and I finished my fantasy! Well, still have 5 chapters of edits coming in, but still. Can we say wow O.O? I had to. With five kids and playing mom's taxi, 3k is a trick.

To help me with my word count, I'm taking a notebook since my laptop is out of commission *sobs* and I always get the best ideas when I'm out and about.

Everyone be sure to work on their 1kaday and enjoy their writing as much as their fourth -- or more if you are not having a big bang of a party. I know, I know, cheesy, but my family is chomping in my ears because we are going horseback riding as soon as we are ready to leave. :D

Happy Fourth of July everyone! How are you going to spend it? I am going to paint the largest flag in the county. I've already warned my husband. He said, "Wait. Let me get this straight. You are going to the larges flag in the county, on the fourth of July, and think you are going to set up easel and paint?" "No," I said. I'm going to Taco Bell across the street which has picnic tables and park area that I can see it from. I WAMT those people at the park so I can paint them in if I want." He simiply shook his head. He knows I will. I don't often take off to paint. Even though I want to. So when I say I'm going, he knows I mean it.

Off to the fun and the Fourth.



  1. Our national supercool day isn't until the 14th, and we won't be doing anything then (I envy Americans for their patriotism). The only thing that worries me is the fact that we're moving, and I really don't know what I'll do then.

    Did you paint the flag, then? And congrats' on the words!

  2. that is strange. A comment has posted. Show's as posted, but we can't read it HMMM> will look into why it's doing that.

    Thanks Amanda for stopping in :)