Friday, July 9, 2010

Update for the 1st week

So I had to figure my numbers out today in order to be in drawing for a book. Here is my writing numbers at this point. I put over 11k words into the computer, with more on paper that still needs to be translated! I'm so happy. Although, I am in middle of editing so, no word is safe with me muwahahaha.

I have to make up 3kaday this weekend to the tune of 3724. Piece of cake since some of those words are already down on paper lol. It's just very Hot in my room with the computer, so I have to limit my time on it. The rest of the time, the computer is getting turned off to keep things cool. For the computer I mean.

Going to pick cherries in an hour with ALL the kids--wish me luck, then take daughter to doctor, then pick up husband. Somewhere in there, I need to grocery shop for weekend and start sorting cherries, do laundry and rearrange the utility room so it will fit all the canned goods. I plan on having enough fruits and vegetables to hardly have to buy ANY during the winter. I'd prefer my home canned stuff. Then all I will buy is fresh, occassionally, when I can't stand the canned anymore. Although, I find it is better when it is homecanned :D

One trick I use is frozen apple juice for the fruit. You simply double the water that it calls for for regular juice and heat to a boil. Obviously, some of the water evaporates, so it ends up being a little less than double when it goes into the jars. You use this mixture to replace the sugar water. Much better for you, and the liquid is good enough to serve as a drink when you open it. And it has the benefit of added acids for the canning process. Thanks mom for that tip.

Everyone have a good day :D and don't forget that I have a Christie Craig book up for grabs. Or rather, she does LOL She writes romantic comedy and well worth a read, or to be used as a gift for someone else. See previous post for rules.

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