Saturday, July 31, 2010

happy days (&update)

So, many of you will think I'm a dork or goof even by the end of this blog, but *shrugs, you would be right so on with it!

First off, we got an air conditioner in OUR ROOM. You know. The place with the computer. The place I have been trying to write this whole month only to end up a puddle of blood and sweat that had nothing to do with my writing? Yep, that's the place. Now, I will be able to put al those notes on paper on to the computer. It will probably be a week before I have true numbers on word count for this month, but what a month!

I've got a 20 year school reunion tonight, 11th anniversary last night, opened the show FOOLS last monday, had family reunion last weekend, finally sent off painting that I've been waiting months to do, canned and jammed like the next world war is about to happen and otherwise tried hard not to use up all the ducttape on my children as they have decided that they do not have to act civilized. Sigh. I am exhausted.

Thank goodness for this writing challenge or I may not have even finished the project that is no longer finished. The one that I basically stripped my voice from will now be reedited and all that awesome verbage and emotions and visually stunning words shall go back into the fray and then we shall see where we are! Yeah!

Of course with the happy days news of getting my air conditioner, I find out that at somepoint yesterday the baby pulled the faucet out of sinc in my tub and now the water runs UNDER THE HOUSE, so not a good thing. Hubby thinks he can fix this, but who knows... UGH lol

Also, I have book marks for those who did this with me this month, so comment and tell me what color you want (and yes, this is open international if you really did this via twitter or my blog) I will know who you are...


  1. YAY for air conditioning!!! I'm so happy you've been pushing through with your writing challenge. I wish I could have participated, but I'll just settle for the mad dash I'm about to make for the Golden Pen Contest. EEK!

  2. I've been without A/C and it sucks big time. So yay for that! Duct tape on children, huh? You're my kind of mom.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  3. wantonactsofwriting - you were there with me and encouraging me when I needed it. I would be more than happy to make you a bookmark. Just name your color (And no, I can't do polka-dots. Takes to long :)