Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dear friends, it is time for the 1-k-a-day for YAEdge at The challenge starts today, and I've sweetened the pot.

I have a signed Christie Craig I am giving away to someone who averages the 3k-a-day with me! Any takers??

Good luck everyone!


  1. Hey,

    Discovered your blog today. I'm also a NaNoer, by the way. Anyway, I attempted something lke this in June, and I'm willing to try again this month. I'm writing a novel right now, anyway, and I'd really like to get the first draft done with. At 3k-a-day, that would be impossibly quick.

    I'm not suggesting myself for the Christie Craig offer, but the idea of 1k-a-day appeals to me. So I wanted to thank you for pointing me toward that blog, and I wondered if we could maybe stay in touch during the month? I find I work better when working toward a goal (NaNo) or just having someone else writing with me (NaNo, too, but sometimes friends writing a novel at the same time I am).

    'Kay, I'm off to explore the rest of your blog now!

  2. Sweet! I am the same way! I will be more than happy to stay in touch! Normally, I will blog about progress during something like this. You can post comments there, or on my twitter. @pizaseven as a reminder :D

    I get more writing done if I have a goal. I really enjoyed Nano because it showed me what I am capable of and I want that to be incorporated into my daily writing life.

    So here goes!

    PS A lot of people are having trouble with the 3k and I really want to give a book away as Christie Craig has been more than gracious. I've amended the contest to incluce anyone who is able to keep the 1kaday average throughout the month. Remember, weekends are free so they can be used to make up for "those days" lol.

    Post your starting count at beginning of week, ie Sunday night or Monday morning and your ending count Saturday or Sunday, whichever fits your schedule.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. You're welcome. Only natural I felt. I liked the post.

    Okay. This'll give me something to blog about, anyway (yay). So should I post the word count on my blog?

    Today I'm about halfway through my novel, so I offered myself a break and wrote nothing. Instead I re-read what I had, stared at some pretty terrible paragraphs, re-wrote a few sentences. Guess I'll start writing tomorrow.

  4. Hi Leona!

    I hope you guys get lots of pages done. I know I've got pages to do. I'm leaving now on vacation to Al. to see family, but yes, I will still be working, my laptop is with me and I plan to do some polishing and critiqueing on the road. And once I'm there, I'll be doing some new pages, too.

    I have a book due in August. I'm about 60 pages from typing "The end." This is my second YA, that the first will be out in Feb. I just got my cover and I'm jumping up and down and doing the love-my-cover dance.

    Good luck to all you guys on your pages. I'll pop in and see how everyone is doing in a day or so.