Monday, July 12, 2010

It is Monday

Monday has rolled around again. I do not know what my final numbers are but I have lots in writing on the paper edits I do. Hopefully, I will have plenty of words left over to move into this weeks word count!

I am nearly finished with tow novels as I've been focusing on them. I have another one that I scrapped and I am starting over with, otherwise, it would be three. I am so busy that writing is sort of taking a back burner, but I knew this might be a problem. My biggest problem, though, is the heat. If I had my laptop, I could go to places that were cooler to work, or sit in living room by the air conditioner. Sigh. Oh well, I am doing it by hand, which I think is elevating my work and might be something I have to incorporate more.

I already have it as my fall back. I also use it for edits. But, recently, I've seen a new flow of ideas from combining the ways that I write. I see things a bit differently. Also, I am much better with hard copy edits. Something about the computer screen allows my eyes to skim over the mistakes.

I re-read the new beginning for my paranormal series and loving it! I am very happy with how this one sounds! I'm off to do more canning and writing and studying lines...

Tomorrow, or Wednesday, I will post my schedule, as it is now, for the rest of the month, and you tell me if I'm busy:P

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