Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update day 6

So where is everyone in there writing 1kaday or 3kaday? I'm not sure where I am as some of my stuff is on hard copy. However, I can tell you, I never have as many words as I think I do when I go that route LOL

How many of you have ever tried to write hard copy in this fast-paced computer age? Some have suggested that writing by hand uses slightly different part of brain and can really help with the flow of your work. For me, this is true. And, it gives me a kind of rough draft, so I'm already improving when I move it to another media form.

I will have to write hard tomorrow to make up for lost time yesterday and today. I am canning like a mad cow. So far, I am having bummer results. In first batch of canning cherries, one quart jar broke, and in the double batch of jam I made, NOTHING is setting. UGH.

I still have like 30 pounds of cherries to go. Wish me better luck with them. I will be doing more canning and jam, but I am also freezing and drying. I have better success drying - usually. Apparently, the year I took off from canning/etc has caught up with me!

Today, though, I will be taking writing breaks. I have to. I'm thinking about my writing while canning... Maybe that's why the muffed up process? LOL

Good luck in getting your numbers!

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  1. Hmm, well so far 3k-a-day is pretty much a failure (I managed it the first day, but only 1k for the rest), but at least I'm staying above the 1k limit so far.

    That's one thing I like about writing longhand -- when I type it up on the computer, I edit as I go, so I end up with something slightly better. But I like my computer because it gets the words down faster when I'm on a good day and have tons of ideas. I'm a fast writer, but I get less cramps typing!

    Good luck to you, too.