Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did someone say Reality?

So, after my insightful, delightful post about returning to reality, we had another chapter in the book of Ashley's stay at the hospital. Turns out the nasty headaches were a brain clot squishing her brain and she had a stroke. Yep, I said it. Stroke. There's still swelling in the brain and some bleeding, although it's nowhere near as massive as it was. She had to have an emergency brain surgery and the docs said if they'd waited one more day she would've died before they could get her to the OR.

Lot of Drama and stress but her dad (my ex) and I aren't fighting and we've agreed on her care, after his initial reluctance to have a surgeon look at her, he now realizes it's always better to have second opinion if someone isn't sure.

I will someday soon post a long and short of it, probably in a series. But for now, thank you all on twitter who've really helped me through this long bitter road. I was telling my husband that if it wasn't for the modern miracle of medicine, I'd only have one child out of the five I had. I would have lost my daughter. Thanks for the support through this hard time.

And special thanks to @Mercedesmy and @VampWriterGrrl and @Witchywoman2118 for their awesome support when we found out our Xbox was stolen! that's right. As if this wasn't hard enough on my young children, some asshat came in and stole our xbox and a shoe box full of games movies!

Needless to say, this has been a horrible, aweful week for me and my family, mixed in with the blessing that she seems to be doing better. Keep praying for us!

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  1. I am keeping you and your daughter in my prayers--a few years ago my son fell and hit his head--while playing Simon Says at a boy scout meeting. He had an epidural hematoma and had to have brain surgery. We are SO fortunate not only to still have him with us, but to have his faculties intact. He's sixteen and graduating from high school in a few weeks!