Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new idea :)

I was reading contests etc., as I usually do, and all of the sudden, I had an idea for a new story/series :) I love it when that happens. I never thought I would be stalled with so many eggs in my basket, but I was. I can only research for so long, you know before my creative side wants a turn. Research definitely does not use the creative side of my brain. Maybe it should, IDK, but it makes me feel slow and sluggish.

It's going to be an attempt at a comedy, but, at this point in time, that is not my strong suit. I will give it the old college try :P

I have like 2 months before I'm likely to hear back on the resubmit, but I anxiously check my mail ten times a day as if I can hurry the process along by keeping my mailbox cleaned out. I so need to laugh at myself. Maybe I'll hear back sooner and really laugh at myself. who knows.

Making a stove top casserole for dinner as I have work at OLLU thiry auditorium tonight. I'm working a pageant with young skinny girls. I need to learn to laugh at myself soon as I am not skinny or young :( I wish I wasn't as big as I am, but I sure don't want to be model thin though, so I'll keep that in mind tonight.

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  1. Ooh, don't you just love when new ideas pop into your head so unexpectedly? I have pages and files galore of ideas and characters who are waiting to be created...just not enough time! LOL

    Good luck with your comedy!!