Friday, December 18, 2009


So that earlier sickness I mentioned? Strep throat in the worst way. I've started to blog a few times since but couldn't sit up long enough to get through my email, much less a posting of any lenght or quality. Although, with my high fever, it may have been interesting to see what I wrote!

I tried to work a bit, outlining a series, etc, but I didn't get very far. Did ask a few questions/comments and learn a few things but no real work got done.

I do believe that my short story may be turning into a novel so I'm going to get started now. Plus, outline the series better as my feverish brain only imagined it wrote things down. Of course, the way I felt, it may be written down in blood somewhere for all I know. I was in a real bad way. My kids alternated between taking full advantage of a mom who can't talk much less raise her voice (Yeah, quiet you in the peanut gallery)and looking pretty scared when they saw me. I was miserable and you could tell with barely a glance.

I am looking forward to Christmas. I did get a couple wrapped day before yesterday cuz I felt a little better, but I exhausted myself so did nothing yesterday. My son keeps asking to wrap a packing box, as he calls it, which is actually a wipies holder for the diaper bag :D I said when I'm done wrapping presents. Oh lordie, for a five year old its been an interminable wait. Finally, late yesterday, I told him if he asks again I was going to let Isaac (the baby) wrap it!

He looked at me in confusion and said, "But Isaac can't wrap!" and I said, "Exactly!" He gave me a look like I had lost my mind and fled to his room to ponder what I meant.

I'm tortuing my 16 yr old with it as he was with me when I bought his christmas present and he wrapped it himself and has spent the last two weeks bugging me to open it LOL I said NOPE. That's all you're getting. It's been funny. He's been very creative about it. Like, I could do the dishes faster if I could just use that ;;) I swear, it's been more fun than presents I've bought him in years LOL

I'm moving to WA so presents are light this year, mostly books. I think Josh present is the only exception to that, but I can't remember for sure the way my brain feels right now. Hope everything is well with the rest of y'all. :D

Merry Christmas :)

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