Monday, December 7, 2009

Today I WILL

get those rewrites turned into the publisher. It may be midnight as I also have to go to the laundry mat, but it shall be done. I swear it. LOL Yep, that's the goal for today. Tentatively, it is called Jolene's Desire, but publishers have a way of changing the titles, so don't hold me to it.

I'm going to sketch as a reward now that I don't have to worry about not getting the charcoal or oil pastels out from under my fingernails! First, I had the play. Then I did do some sketching. Then, I was doing Nanowrimo as anyone following knows. I'm still thrilled about being a winner for that. It was a major goal for me to make with the way our life has been since moving to TEXAS. Then all last week I had to ignore the itch to sketch because I had a book signing yesterday and I don't like having dirty nails for that.

Speaking of the book signing, it went well for a relatively non-publicisized event, only in store ad as far as I know. I'm a new author without exposure. I will be setting up a new website as soon as I have a book deal under my belt.

What's funny is my mind wants to go in three directions. I want to write, paint/sketch, and do paper crafts. I think I'm going through withdrawals. All of my stuff is in Washington, and I'm in Texas! I have a few odd ball things I got to make presents with but they were very person specific and hard to make into something random. **sigh That's okay. It won't be long before I'm reunited with my stuff as I'm moving back to Washington.

Time to go as I have to read the paper copy of my story for editing purposes. Wish me luck!

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  1. Maybe it's too late to read a new (to me) blog...maybe it's the blizzard...but I'm totally confused. Did you just move to TX, but now are moving back to WA? Do you have five kids? Is your hubby in college (perhaps he's a prof)?

    I think if one is creative, it often shows its head in many ways. I taught elementary school for 17 years. When I began (in Arkansas) there were no PE or Art teachers. I loved doing both of those subjects, so it was no big deal...(I hated it when they took that time away from me.)

    Friday night my husband was getting ready for The Hunt...I made a little deer out of stuff I found in the kitchen...It is very cute and will appear on my blog at some point, but I hadn't created anything other than words for the past three years. Now I have the urge to paint, draw and mix mediums....

    Creative is...creative does...