Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm packing up to move, but I'm still going to write today. I realized I had a deadline so something has to be done :) When I move, I get rid of stuff. It's the only reason I'm not on the show "Hoarder" LOl. As I mentioned, I do all sorts of crafts making it nearly impossible to get rid of stuff without the "OOH I could use that with XXX" or "who knows when I'll need that."

I might not get the book done in time for what I wanted it, but I can still send in a query, etc when it is ready. I don't want to stress myself out too much as I need to be as healthy as possible for the big move :)

I'm getting a new website soon, already have someone working on it ;) I'm so excited as it will have excerpts and all kinds of stuff. I'll be able to post my book signings and stuff on it as well. I'm looking at using some of my artwork for the design background and stuff, so I'm really excited :)

Kids are being troublesome as always but they are at least helping to get things cleaned up. Monday is a big clean up day for the part of the city I'm from so needed to get this done anyway or it won't happen again for six months. (Not that it matters to me!)

The oven doesn't work here and now the toilet is acting up GRRRR. That's okay, I will fix it. Just another day in the Bushman household :D

So, I won a contest for the new website and when I figure out the linking process (it's still not working for me!) I will link to their blog.
I had a lot of fun on the blog tour where I found them yesterday. I'm having a blast getting to know other authors of all types (genres and published). :)Have a good day and I hope your dreams that inspire will be fruitful.

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