Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A day

I miss the easy title days of NaNoWrimo. Maybe I'll use it anyway, unless I have something special to report LOL. I made my goal yesterday and had the resubmission done quickly and easily ;;) **snort NOT it took all day and the baby was good! It was just things like feeding him, reading and rereading a passage. (If I had to reread it, I rewrote it.) Getting caught up on all the blogs I follow and some more house cleaning, again figuratively and literally. It took most of the day for me, ending with laundry mat for three hours!

I'm gearing up to start the research for my next book(s) and loving the freedom at this stage. Hubby has finished finals so will probably beat him over the head to help with the WIPs awaiting his assistance!

I'm excited for this Christmas. It's going to be a small one as we are gearing up to go home, but we are closer than ever as we've only had each other to depend on down here. We have made a couple of friends that we will miss. Hi Joe, Aurora, Kelly, Shannon, Claudia, Paul. Hope things go well for you.

I love Christmas and will probably harp on it a bit LOL I went cheesy and finally gave in to the temptation to buy the coke bottles shaped like ornaments. I have them under our fiberoptic tree LOL Wrapping presents for my daughter who will be here two days after to open them. I'm so excited.

Now back to juggling baby and writing :)

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