Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Muse

So, a twitter follower/ee of mine posed a question: Do you outline for NaNoWriMo or do you fly by the seat of your pants??

We all know I fly by the seat of my pants. Last year, I had an outline and although the story was interesting, which is like saying oh very nice dear to a kid's drawing) it didn't have the pizzazz my stories usually have. Why? Once the outline was finished, I was bored. Bored bored bored. You've heard me say this before, so now you're probably bored, right? LOL

You know the synopsis issue? AKA the Seagull Summary? This is this and that is that? Yep, I get it when I outline. I'm writing an outline for a fast paced zombie thriller and reading it makes me yawn! I have like a brain fart. Or something. (wonder what kind of traffice searches this post will get! seagull farts? :P)

But, I'm thinking of writing an historical horror. I've been saving this online magazine to a folder for when I became ready to do it. I could read up on it the week before and make notes (no outlining!) re historical facts, dates, etc. I have an elizabethean novel kinda floating around in there as well. (No wonder I can't remember anything. Seriously, is anyone keeping count of the books floating around in my head? Someone build a yacht, or maybe an ark! and gather them together :P) And recent events in the news have sort of reinforced this other horror story I had...

Damn damn (damn farts now for search engine? LOL) now what am I going to write? Plus I have to keep going on the fantasy I'm, uh, working on. Yes, I'm working on it.

So the first step for NaNo is deciding what to write. The next step? Research. A friend on FB and twitter posted a pic of her research for her very first NaNo. I was floored. I think I left my jaw back there somewhere. Thing is, I do research in spurts as my mind gets these ideas, then when it's time to write, I have the knowledge and just need a little brush up.

After the research, do you outline? If you've never writtern before, this can be a hard question. As I've said, I've tried it both ways. The outline kills my muse. But for others, it keeps them on track and makes sure they have all the plot points. In my opinion, there is no ONE right way. I can't really work in total silence, but I know people who need it. I can't work with constant music, but know people who have whole saved tracks for the particular book they're writing.  Do what works for you and if you're not sure, experiment. This isn't just true for NaNo, but for any craft. Learn the basics (in this case, spelling, grammar) then find your own style.

So after you've gotten that far, you have to wait for the big day. In the meantime do all the preps I've mentioned before, not forgetting your favorite treats, and stock up on caffeine, roll your sleeves up and get ready!

There are plenty of us peeps working together on twitter for cheering each other on. I know I'm going to need it with the DAY JOB. My poor Muse needs the extra encouragement. I'm so tired that I don't want to look at a screen anymore when I get home, and my creative juices are burned out from all the exacting knowledge I've had to use all day (and it's only going to get worst. My work load is increasing!) and the creative side is screaming in pain in the corner. I have to soothe her, for I need her for my sanity.

And with that gruesome that, I'm going to finish this post before it turns into something dark!

Let your muse roll with the punches, encourage, feed, and exercise it. Then, let her/him loose on November first! NANOWRIMO FTW!!!

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