Monday, October 31, 2011

hehehe hahahaha

::giggle:: It's Halloween!!! Happy Halloween!! Tomorrow's (the first) is my son's birthday :) and you know what? He's going to be three! I'm excited!!

It's NaNo time and I think I've finally decided on my story! A horror story I wrote for Forever Nocturne's online magazine due out tonight has inspired me to write a full length story. When I get the link, I'll share it :D I also have to do some rewrites and edits that I haven't finished!! Maybe I'll get a chance to do the rewrites tonight :) If I can find the damn notes!!

I'm hoping to write 75-100k next month, with 55k at least for the NaNo story and the rest on a fantasy. That way, if I'm "not in the mood" for my horror, I can write on the one I should have been writing on all this time. :P

So gear up and get ready!! Prep your meals, finish your research, sharpen your pencils, and put away all the red pens!! Time to write your heart outs or cheer on your friends that are doing it!!

Ready, Set, GO!!!

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