Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm so not a morning person

Halloween is coming. (Psst I don't have a title yet and already that blank line is staring accusingly at me!) I love Halloween, almost as much as Christmas. OMG I just now realized I haven't taken out my decorations yet! See? That's how crazy things are. I'm really not adjusting to this whole work thing very well. I have to work. Really no choice in it. But daa-aaaamn. I'm so tired. And right now it feels a lot like working for free. I hate commission work. I'm working per item, but I still have to wait until the sale goes through.

So, yeah, insert a lot of whine and rant here. Okay. Done? I'm not, but I'll quit for now. I like getting out of the house but I don't like working so much. I don't hate this job, thank god, but I do hate not having time for my other stuff and the stress of having a job. It's hard right now.

Anyways, I'm so not a morning person. The more rarh in a post, the earlier it is I probably wrote it :D

So, I think this weekend I shall decorate for Halloween and make a special Halloween cake. I made a trial run at the recipe and the cake was delicious. I'm picking up my thyroid meds today, so that should help me find the energy. Let's hope so. I'm also taking three kids along to pick up meds at two pharmacies, see my ex to talk about the drama in our children's lives (I'd never go back to being a teenager or young twenties!) and see someone on the way home then off to work. Doesn't that just sound like a grand day?

MAYBE, I'll get to buy the canvas I need and the baking pan I need and the electric fireplace since we have no heat in the house and get to write today. Likely? No, but I can wish, can't I?

I'm feeling pretty darn negative right now. Sorry :( The things going on in my life are the kind of things that make my artistic endeavors hard/impossible and it frustrates me. But I'll pull through. I always do!

Stress is going to either keep me motivated or it's going to kill me. I vote for the former. So here's to keeping motivated!

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