Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I don't know

LOL I've gotten so that thinking of a title for my posts is most annoying. Sometimes, it's easy, like the featured writers, and sometimes, well, yeah. So, instead of letting the lack of title stare at me accusingly, I'm writing I DON'T KNOW. I feel a little like Doctor Who in the Sicerats(sp?) Christmas episode.

Yes, I want to blog today. Wanted to blog lots of days. But what, exactly, am I blogging about? A little while ago, I decided to make my blog more focused on life and less focused on my writing. Well, I do have a job, kids, etc, but it all revolves around how I see the world as a writer and painter. It's an interesting influx. See, I see the world in pictures and emotions and feelings that I want to write about. I was told once that usually, that people who see things in pictures are slower (*I* am not, even with my meltdown after losing my thyroid. I FEEL slow compared to how I used to be, but I'm not slow.)

It's an interesting way to see the world. I've found a few writers/painters who are the same way. I don't know (ahha! I can let my title stand! :D) if they've ever thought about it quite this way. *shrug* However, try it. Do you remember things in Black and White visually and/or emotionally? I tend to remember the emotional stuff better now. It's like the extra adrenalin that runs through me during an extreme emotion helps my short term memory to temporarily work the way it's supposed to and send it to long term memory. Something that doesn't happen as well as it should since I had thyroid cancer.

Anyway, I grabbed the camera and found some beautiful after rain pictures: Here's a sample (you may use them for your desktop or something, but please do not market/sell, reproduce them! Thanks!)

I love the lighting! (Pssst, I'm not putting my very best ones. Thinking of selling prints on Etsy of those ones!)

I love this picture :)

I realized I could steal a few minutes on the way to/from work and get some grea summer to fall pictures for my painting and that's what I've done!

And I'll give you one more (it's really hard not to post my favorites :)

Okay, that's enough for now :)

I have a painting commission for a friend I'm starting tonight. Should have started last week! NO more procrastination! GRRR LOL

How's everyone doing on there personal hobbies/careers/goals?


  1. Nice shots! I didn't know you did photography too! The Renaissance woman is showing again.

  2. @Russpotak LOL on my etsy site, I had a ton of pics. Lots are down now. I need to revamp! But, I'm painting tonight :D Maybe revamp tomorrow night, or Thursday...