Thursday, June 2, 2011

My mojo is BACK


yes, I'm back :D I have been struggling to break out of my boxes, or into them as the case may be. I struggled and did write, but usually less than 1k a day. I also was able to get some cleaning and crafting done, so my mojo was peaking out, but yesterday? Yesterday was the kind of day I need to have in order to do what I want/need to do!

I painted a small painting and a large painting after *drum roll please* writing 3k words! Woohoo. Today doesn't look to be as impressive as I've been distracted by other things :)

Warning: Major Rabbit trail ahead!

I found disks with pics I'd backed up in 2008! Pics that weren't even on my computer yet when it crashed!! One thing I've discovered, is I found 10 disc with pictures. 8 of them had a set of MEM day pics that I already have cuz they were also loaded on a jump drive I backed up!! Yeah, I think I wanted to make sure I loaded them LOL To be fair, this was during the time I was on a low dose of thyroid meds following radiation so my short term memory wasn't the greatest LOL

But the biggest thing is I found my wedding pics I'd scanned, more pics of my brother, and pics of my daughter from when she was happier and let me take happy pics of her. :D I also found pics of Easter with my Birth dad and lots and lots of pics I wanted to paint and will be using for Etsy!! (See link below on my site!)

I started Etsy to help raise funds from all that was lost as I stayed with my duaghter in the hospital and the time off work my husband took so I could stay with her during  her brain surgery when I almost lost her. Even typing those words brings bile to my throat and fear to my heart. It was so close.

Anyways, please visit my shop and buy something if you like it! It'll help me know what people like in the future and which pics to make available from all those just found. I may also offer my book for sale through Etsy. We'll see. I'm not sure how to manage it yet :D
 Rabbit trail now meets back up with main story. And now, back to our regular programming!

I have written some, will write more. But as soon as I've finished setting up this post and tweeting about it, I shall be letting the children use the computer for a bit for a reward for doing their schoolwork. But an idea is rolling through my head about the story. Mayhap, it'll help me get over 3k again today despite my late start :D

Here's to having my mojo back and hoping you all find yours if it's lost!! I love writing :D It has made me happy to be writing and painting so much again.

(I also crocheted some on my son's afghan I'm making him for graduation! Ran out of yarn. oops)

Now to figure out what to put on my websit this week for writing bits...what new story shall I do? Or should I write a sequel to the boggart story, Despair's Mistress??? I could put a few ballads on there... something to think about!


  1. YAY for the mojo!! We love mojo!! Actually, I just remembered that my Dad's black labrador is called Mojo, so I love Mojo too! :D

    Glad you got your game back. Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow. Hoping to have a hard-cored writing day myself :)

  2. Hope your hard core writing day pans out!! I can't wait to read more from my love CP!