Thursday, June 23, 2011

The "DAY JOB" Part one: the intro

As my "logline" says at the top of my blog, this isn't just about the journey to becoming published, it's about being a wife and mom while getting there. I talk a lot about my struggles as a mom, a little less about the struggles of being a wife, but I think I've neglected to point out that I've also worked.

Right now, that work is Etsy and trying to find new art and ways to get my stuff sold. It's time consuming, but it's not quite the same as a day job. In same ways it's harder-my kids get into stuff, especially the 2yo, my husband, who's trying desperately to remember I'm not sitting at the computer playing farmville all day, still has a hard time remembering, I'm working from home while dealing with kids, homeschooling, meals, etc.

But let's address the dreaded "day job" we hear so much about. Now it doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things whether you work, days, nights, swings or what. It all means you have less time to write. Yeah, that's the only problem having a day job, right? NOT.

I don't know if I've ever shared this or not, but I've been writing on some level since I was a kid. I loved the writing exercises from grammar school. The high school ones not so much. When other girls my age were keeping diaries, I was writing stories, and illustrated fables in my journal. As I got older, I kept notebooks around for story ideas. Invariably, I lost them. I've moved A LOT in my lifetime and it's hard to track things like that. Time. I never seemed to have enough time.

Even the first time I did the SAHM route, I never seemed to have time to write. But when I was working...

For me, there was almost always a commute. More than once, I'd wish for a tape recorder so I could verbally state my story ideas, or write them and transcribe them. I liked the time to gear up for work, or to dismantle the stress of work before hitting the family riot.

Fatigue, time, money, resources. All a part of the daily struggle to do what you want to really be doing. But what if your job is literally killing your creativity? I can give you some insights with the knowledge I've since gained, but I'm going to go through this in a three part series. Today, we have the introduction to the problem and a little discussion. Next, I will give you a better, more indepth description of the hell I felt while working. Then we can address how to fix the problem. Things I've since learned, about myself, writing, and ways to rejuice that creativity when it's being bombarded.

The problem: You are working a job that not only leaves you unfulfilled, but actually is sucking the life out of you, your mind, your creativity. More than just a matter of being tired.

Solution: We will talk about some solutions :D Also, some ways of recognizing when you're heading down the road and ways to nip it in the bud.

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  1. God knows I've alternated from being there and not. I know that if i push myself I have enough time to write. But finding time between work, husband, art, and the daily chores of eating and breathing - is hard.

    When husband was away working at a camp job, i found it easier to write - but you've seen my writing, it's lonely, thats why it worked so well - i didnt have th ability to spend my time with him. art on the otherhand dropped because when I paint it is often from happiness - husband is a key part to that.

    oh where is the middle ground?!