Friday, June 3, 2011

Just another day

Yesterday I only wrote 1k (ha ha jk on the only!) I want to write a minimum of 3k a day but I'm happy to have reached the 1k as I was inundated with requests for computer time and I was struggling through some dialogue. A week ago, that struggle would've meant brain fried regarding everything for me.

Yesterday, I got out 1k words and painted an 18x24 inch picture from one of my new found pics. For those who missed the twitter tweets I found lots of disks, I'm up to 12 now, with back ups from 2008 and before from old computer and have been spending oodles of time loading and getting reaquainted with them :D I still managed to do other things :) and I posted a new etsy item.

I also worked on my sons graduation afghan. I'll have to take a photo of it cuz it's very cool! I might even have it finished on time! He graduates next Wednesday.. We shall see! I had to have my husband pick up more yarn cuz I ran out the same day I wrote 3k! (yes, I crocheted as well. I'm telling you, it was a good day for getting things done :D) So I worked on the last panel while I waited for the yarn for the other panel (I only have like 6 rows on that panel, two attaching rows and 4 short rows with that color but I ran out of yarn! It's very annoying! Anways...)

It's a huge graduation time, obviously. A time where we all congratulate the kids on getting through the school years and hope they're ready for the future. It's why I give afghans to my kids. They'll always need blankets. To be covered with or sit on, they can use it. Plus I'm too poor to hand out cars :D

Speaking of kids and milestones, I had someone ask all of twitter, how do you manage with kids, writing and school? I think I'm going to post that tomorrow. It's related to NaNo what I figured out, but I haven't really shared that outside of the NaNo arena. Since this blog is about being a full time mom on the way to publishing, which has included some working and school, I'm thinking it's about time! So stay tuned for more ideas on how to get throught he busy times, like graduations, and retain your sanity :D

Happy Writing, Painting, and Fun Day!

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