Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camping, mostly personal stuff

Well, an overnight camp stay with inlaws turned into four days. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It was quite eventful. A second cousin, niece, something or other relation wasn't feeling well, so Sunday my MIL and I take them back in her beautiful wonderful 25 mpg suv type vehicle.

We drop off girls, stop at my house to get medicine bag we'd forgotten to put in the car, fed the dogs more food as the neighbor dogs keep eating all my dogs' food, and went to safeway to get creamer. My MIL went in by herself and I put my nearly dead phone in my backpack regretting that I still hadn't found the charger when we'd stopped at the house.

She comes out, throws the creamer in the trunk and heads back to the driver's side. She collapses out of my sight with a sudden short "ah" and I jump out of the car and head to the driver's side. She was down. She'd hurt her ankle, twisting it when she'd tried to walk along the curb of the manicured little bark garden area. She'd scraped her leg on the other side. I looked around, but no one was in sight. I walk briskly into the store, (no running. My MIL and I often joke how I could be her natural daughter) and the first person I see is a Safeway worker, presumably on break as he's buying lotto tickets, and tell him my mom's been injured and I need ice and first aid kit. (Former EMT. I'm making my wishes known politely but with no nonsense.) I saw the words on his tongue, almost literally as he starts to tell me he's on break then processes what I've said and heads straight to a manager.

Anyways, the manager hands me a first aid kit, then comes out a few minutes later with the requested ice. I do a quick clean with the antiseptic wipe, put on the antibiotic cream, and applied the gauze with minimal tape because according to her she was fine. We were still heading to her house so she could shower, where I'd re-apply it more tightly.

Anyways, after much info gathering by manager and one more stop, she finally tells me she thought she heard a snap and we needed to go to hospital. I told her what for and drove to the hospital. Looking at it I was pretty sure it was broken. The nurse and doctor also thought it was broken. It's not, thank goodness. Unless the radiologist looks at it and overrides the ER info. Anyway, I was really glad I hadn't stayed home like I'd been thinking about. I'd changed my mind and am still grateful for that. So many factors had come into play to make that possible.

First, we went up one day early, second I decided to go with her because I'd forgotten the mediciane bag, plus I didn't feel well, and third, I chose not to stay home.

While in the ER she hands me her debit card and told me to do the rest of the errands because she was going camping. period. We were going back up. So I left, turned on my nearly dead phone to keep contact with her. I went home to get the hot dogs and buns my husband requested and find my darn charger. I found the charger and put the phone on it while I gathered other stuff, bread, nutella, odds and ends and put it in the car. took the charger and phone, gave the dogs more food since I was there, and went to do the other errands.

By the time I got back to the hospital, she was nearly finished. Her leg was in an air cast and I was relieved it wasn't broke. You should've seen it. Malformed and purple and very painful looking.

Anyways, I finally get her back to camp where we all waited on her hand and foot. And during the down time, I look up my emails. I have facebook message from my daughter re her bf and my tweets. I haven't said much of anything in weeks. She's bipolar and her bf was diagnosed with bipolar, but he's in denial. Needless to say, drama ensued. I finally had to tell her, I wouldn't be responding to any tweets, comments, messages regarding her bf nor any attacks on me. He has her convinced that her dad, stepdad and I are all lying and turned against her bf for no reason and doesn't believe us regarding his actions while she was on her death bed. I've pretty much kept the info on that down to a minimum to keep the drama down, but all that did was open it up for him to continue to lie to her. She chose to believe him.

The whole time I'm trying to talk to her, I'm holding the charger in my phone cuz it's not charging. IN the middle of a conversation with her, it dies. I try to get the charger to work and while I was taking it out, the main piece of it broke in half. The weirdest thing ever. So I had to wait a full day. I messaged her. Hopefully, it'll be the end of the drama. I can hope.

I have so much going on. I spent a month and a half practically living at the hospital for her and I have a lot to make up even now, a month later. I'm behind in my writing, I have painting, etsy, kids, homeschooling (yes, due to the thing with my daughter, we were a little bahind on hours. Doing school until August, I think) and more writing and artwork for zombie things, photoshop to learn more of, etc. I have too much to do to give a rats, uh, yeah, you get my point. I don't have time for the drama.

We stayed an extra night than we'd planned cuz I wanted to make sure mom felt better and came home so my husband could go to rehearsal. Now, I've caught up with my networking sans the blog reading. I'll probably never get caught up completely, did some writing, and wrote on my website, made some executive decisions, and now, posting the blog :) Hopefully, I'll be able to get more done when Husband gets home and eats.

That about updates the mom/wife part of the recent journey in writing :) A little teaser, I shall be self wpublishing soon. I've even decided which one to do first. Maybe. LOL I have too that are very close to ready, it'll be a hard call. After I finish the paranormal rewrite, I'll decide.

So, hopefully, you all are getting caught up/ahead and are able to find some balance with your home and writing/artist life :D Off I go to make Stroganoff...mmmmm

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