Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My freezer

So, has anyone ever had their freezer stolen? Even if the rest of your things were? At some point last weekend, someone stole our freezer out of our backyard where it was defrosting from being used by my sister. I finally had my full upright freezer back. I'd been asking for it for 10 months.

I'd gotten space cleared off the deck where all the rest of our crap we'd gotten out of storage has been and it was a simple matter of moving a couple of my husbands tools around and waiting until my husband and teenager were home at the same time.

Then, it happened. We realized that it wasn't sitting on the pallet we'd put it on anymore. We don't live on a main thourough fare. Hell we live in a town whose residents are probably only 200 people give or take. You can't see our house from a road. We live on a private driveway with 4 houses. Yet, someone came with the means to haul off a full upright freezer. I am royally pissed. I mean completely royally pissed. I want to go postal. First at the fact I didn't get if from my sister when I was ready for it. It would have been by the door then. Second at the fact that someone planned to do this and waited utnil they knew we were gone.

I've been waiting for that freezer to do more storage of the wonderful food we have a plenty here during the summer and fall months. Now, I won't have it. I also won't have it during Thanksgiving time when they sell turkeys so darn cheap that I buy four to have throughout the year. I also won't have it when meat goes on sale and I want to buy bulk for my family.

Rant, rant, rant. I am pissed. I am so pissed. I was angry yesterday but I wanted a positive post after being off air, so to speak. Anyways, have any of you had a FREEZER stolen? Nothing else in the house has gone missing (this time). Just the freezer.


  1. this is ridiculous!

    Just when you think that maybe people aren't so bad, and maybe you'd been a little too misanthropic, someone steals your freezer from the porch.


  2. Ugh, i'm sorry. this is - well Mason's right. I mean I can understand financial difficulties n stuff - i've been there. but to steal something as essential as a freezer? that's like saying hey you're probably struggling too but l don't care.

    l mean - food etc can be replaced. it'd suck, but it could be done. but a freezer? *grr.* l wish l could help hun.

  3. I know it. I'm still in shock. I still expect to see it when I walk out there. It's hard to fathom someone being that conniving. At least it wasn't full of food...

  4. Thanks Laurie. The sentiment helps soothe the soul :)

  5. It was Elves, most likely Dark Elves, maybe 4 of them dressed in Flannel and droopy pants.