Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rebellion on Piza Seven Contest For super cheap version of my Rebellion on Piza 7, order it on kindle. :) I have recently had sales and didn't even know it LOL!

I have an idea. If I get a hundred in sales by end of July, I will give out a hardback copy of Rebellion on Piza 7, or another book if you already have a Hard copy of it :D

So tell your friends to buy it on kindle. It's only 1.29. Or buy it hardback! I will count both amounts in sales for contest. However, if you purchase hardback by amazon, you will have to send me copy of reciept as it wont show up on my sales log for 2-3 months. The kindle I can see by middle of next month.

Post a comment if you buy it and I will give you an extra entry into the contest


  1. Hey Leona! I just wanted to drop by and say hi because I don't think I've seen you comment before (if you have, my apologies for missing it! I've been, um, undercaffinated lately ;)

  2. LOL I totally understand the lack of caffiene. I have commented once or twice, I think, but usually I'm just enjoying your blog. Thanks for commenting!