Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yes, I know. It's can mean so many things. So first, No, I didn't have a baby. No dogs or cats had puppies or kittens. No, it's not my birthday. Well, what is it?? It's the day my book has become available for preorder :D

The Ulfric's Mate is available through Breathless Press in multiple formats. It wasn't available on Amazon yet, earlier today. (I'm checking things out! Just one more thing to go OCD over LOL) The ebook will be released through amazon and is available all over the world :D well, large parts of it, anyways :D The cover is brilliant, my editor the bomb, and I love my publisher :D:D:D LOL

I was in the middle of editing the Nursery Rhyme erotica that's coming out in November (I think it's coming out as one of the Nursery Rhymes LOL it's coming in November though :D) when I took a break and caught my publisher's tweet on Ulfric's Mate. I tell you, time stopped. My brain froze. I stared at it for the longest time, before it hit me. That wasn't a novel with a similar title. It was MY story. I had a huge buzz on and my head started hurting--probably from lack of oxygen :D

This is so damn exciting. However, on top of the coincidence, that I actually stopped within a minute of the publisher's announcement to take a break on twitter, which amazed me anyway, there was something more. Anne-Mhairi, my CP partner (yes, I know, I talk about her a lot. We're like sisters. We fight, we argue, we love, we hug, we smack each other around when needed, we disappoint, but we forgive.) had news of her own. Read it here. Go on. I'm waiting. You will not believe the whole way it all worked out. She had a conversation with a writer friend which led to a blog post, which fit right in with my book become available for pre-order. Sometimes, the way things happens is scary in its awesomeness.

Feel free to post here regarding your feelings from reading Anne-Mhairi's post. It's truly amazing how things work out.

Well, I need to go eat something. And find caffiene. Because now, I have to make that dang link thing work on my website. I figured it out once, when I was too tired to do all the links. When I went back, I couldn't remember. Well, the time is at hand. Must figure it out. Oh and write LOTS AND LOTS :D


  1. Congratulations, my friend! *hugs*

  2. Thanks!!! I *just* tweeted you and Murphy :D Our love affair over at Edittorent made a huge difference early in my career :) It was my twitter and facebook all rolled into one!! Thanks so much!!

  3. *claps* Yea! :D Congrats on your new release, woman! :D

    1. How did I miss this little darling? Another comment. I love comments :D Hi Persephone *waves madly* Thanks so much!!! :D Not very long now for our anthology, Ravaged, to come out :D Then we can celebrate a release together!!