Sunday, June 10, 2012

Roll call of where I'm at

I just finished a really, really good run. For me. I did 2.2 miles in 27:45 minutes. I went a little longer route so I wouldn't have to run back and forth the last tenth of a mile. I normally go for 30 minutes, even though this weeks run ends at 28 minutes. I've been getting 2.0. So glad I was able to step it up. Although, if I hadn't gone that longer route, I'd now be thinking I didn't count right :) LOL

I missed my writing time last night. My boys went to the races with their dad and grandpa and I visited my mother in law while she was babysitting her niece. I ended up with the 3 yo back with me. I didn't get home until 1 am. However, I HAD to get pullups, so I also got the majority of this weeks checks grocery shopping. So that's one less non-writing thing I've got to find time for this week. I did get a couple rows on my afghan crocheted as well.

I've lost my phone. Again. Yes, I know. I can't even begin to find it. If I didn't have too many phone numbers on it, I would just go without a phone for a little while. I'm hoping to get a new phone when this billing cycle is over. I've got a credit that'll show up on the next billing cycle. :) Since my son is also helping to pay for part of the bill now, about 25% of the total cost, that'll give me about 100 dollars toward a new phone, plus it's time for an upgrade. So, I should be able to get the phone I want without a huge issue money wise :) yay me!! LOL just in time for my book release!!

I got two buddies, tech people, who both, separately said they liked x phone. I said, that settles it then. I'm getting x phone. That way, I KNOW it'll do what I need it to do. (Like, I now need one that'll actually keep my appointment schedules for me. Like the due dates of all my edits, etc. the release dates of my books, when I need to have a rough draft finished, and for which publisher!!! I'm no longer going to be able to keep all this straight in my head!!) The phone I have now, I had before, and it lost its memory after 2 months of doctor and work schedule and I was only working 4 days a month at the time!!

Also, I want it to run my couch to 5k program AND tell me how far I've ran, etc. Take notes for me, like verbal notes, when I have an idea and can't stop to write it down, run blue tooth,hands free, etc. So, :D:D:D:D I'm hoping it works...I'm also hoping it has a manual keyboard... one of the issues with my current phone is the screen keeps freezing up and it's driving me crazy. Maybe if I could type my texts on the keyboard? LOL

Writing news: My writing partner, running partner, critique partner, and sister of the heart, (and yes, we fight and love just like real sisters) Anne-Mhairi has become a guest editor for a small imprint, fox spirit started recently by someone who is an editor for another publisher. You can read the founder's details on the webpage. Anne-Mhairi is also in one of the anthologies as a writer. As an editor, she has a wonderful idea and now her own page and I'm writing in her anthology :D It's a lot of fun and I'm excited to be invited and accepted by the head editor.

I'm also starting a couple shorts while I wait for my Critique Partner, *ahem* to finish the early edits of Midwife's Moon. I always have to have more than one project to work on or my writing stalls... Also, I've gotten out of my writing funk :) I was having trouble getting any real word counts in (like, anything over 200 words :P Although, I did add 1k to The Ulfric's Mate last weekend, over course of 4 days of editing. That's still only 250 a day LOL) but I have done a ton of editing, and have a ton more to do. That's the problem with being a prolific writer. You then have to find a way to be a prolific editor LOL

One thing I try to do, is edit the previous day's writing, before starting the new writing. It helps with the flow and other things. And it helps find *duh* moments :D Anyways, I do have quite a few things I'm working on, with main focus of new writing being Search for Sorren, and editing/marketing being anything coming out w/ Breathless Press as I have one coming out in LESS THAN A MONTH *CUE PANIC BUTTON* and the anthology, Ravaged, is coming out IN AUGUST. And I'm writing at least THREE shorts in the next 7 weeks. So, write, plant, water, edit, write, plant, water, edit. OH and crochet. And harvest. I'm going to be a busy girl this summer...

I have 3 commissioned afghans, all HUGE, as in 45"+ is the SHORT side of these, ranging from 58"-62"  in lenght. Status: Afghan # 1, chevron, style #1, turquoise, fuschia, and white, 31%. Afghan #2, chevron, style #2, deep purple, orange, and white, 1%. Afghan #3, heart pattern on pattern, deep magenta, 1%.

Roll call for my works in progress: Search for Sorren: 57,464. Midwife's Moon (sequel to Ulfric's Mate) 20,655 (and I'd like to get this finished in next 4 weeks as well). Ghost of Kristen's past, after recent edits (and is a completed MS) 71,275. Trainchoach of Death, which needs some major revision (I tried to make it a short, first of a series, when it needs to be a full length novel, first of a series), 10,109. Untitled for AM's Weird Science anthology, 0. Vampire short, 0. Shifter (other) 0. Other TBD short, 0. Now that may look funny, all those zeros, but those are stories I need to get finished, like yesterday.

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