Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Line Item Edits for UM finished :D

So, I've not blogged in  how many days? I don't know. But I've been extremely busy. I got my line item edits back and... forgot for a few days how much I like to edit. *ducks as people throw tomatoes* Seriously, there's just something to having your prose be *that* much better. Once my editor got her hands on The Ulfric's Mate, it got about ten times better :)

I'm not going to discuss the line item edits in detail. My mind is already pushing them to that place in my mind that hides the really bad stuff. *shivers*

On to more pleasurable things. One, June is going to be hella busy for me. Here's a quick list:

1) Garden work, from fertilizing, landscaping, to weeding and seeding
2) All three of my books with Breathless Press are due for edits this month (just finished LE this weekend. What a way to start the month!)
3) I HAVE to get rough draft for Search for Sorren hammered out this month (at lease 30k more words, preferably 50k.) I can't believe it's not finished.
4) I have 3 beautiful large afghans that have been commissioned and need to get finished in a timely manner
5) promotional things for book release July 6th. Interviews, blog posts etc.
6) oh dear. I've forgotten about 3 other things...maybe more...

Well, son of...

Anyways, I'm going to be BUSY. I hope to keep blogging more. And if I don't forget, I will :) I tend to forget this when not doing writing. Almost all last month was editing. Blogging is part of my writing warm ups...well, I forget to do it if I'm not needing the warm up :D Also, I have news I'll share, maybe later in the week? Maybe tomorrow? You never know with me :) But it's good news regarding writing :)
I started running at the end of April and feel pretty darn good. Have good weeks and bad weeks. My garden is starting to look fabulous and I'm actually starting to believe that I'll have a nice fat crop this year. I wasn't sure how good it would be with the state of the land. I'm having to do a lot of conditioning of the soil.

So, that's the quick rundown. Here's an excerpt from Search for Sorren to tide you over and get you on your merry way today:
“Hi, kind sir. Do ye know where a young woman might go if she were new in town?” It was the standard question they’d come up with. If a person appeared friendly, they’d give a description of Sorren as well as her horse. They’d been ignored, laughed at, and sometimes forced to buy something before the merchant would speak to them. She braced herself but still wasn’t prepared for the onslaught.
“Stupid bobble cock foreigners,” the thick around the middle man yelled, spittle running down his dirty brown chin onto the meat. “I hope she got thrown in the dungeons. That’s where they belong! Stealing my meat, bringing the Knights down on us. We were fine before they showed up, weren’t we?”
Sherrone stepped back from his virulent anger and ran into Grreal’s chest. He steadied her and the merchant looked up at him. “Be off with ya, now. I don’t sell to the likes of ya!” The spittle flew and some landed in his unkempt black hair that hung to his shoulders under a rough hewn hat.
Sherrone wrinkled her nose up in reaction and hoped that none had landed on her.
“So you think you’re better than me, with your uppity airs! Jharreal inhabitants have long been ahead of the rest of the world soaked in the mire of the destruction.” He flung one arm out, and pointed directly at her. “Instead of picking up their faces and working they moaned. And now that we’ve made this great city, you all come here looking for a piece of our paradise. Not this piece, no sirree,” he ranted on.
“I think it be ye soaked in the mire,” she said and immediately regretted it. She knew better than to engage with his sort.
“Guards,” the man sputtered, then louder, “Guards!”
“Come, Sherrone. Seems we need to look elsewhere for civilization,” Grreal said and took her arm. They made it around a corner and into the alley before guards showed up. They peeked out and could see the man waving and jumping about.
“What a nutter,” she said grumpily.
“Ye ha’ the right of it. Let’s go a different route tomorrow, shall we?” he laughed as they walked down the alley. She joined him in relief of getting away from him. Twenty minutes later, neither one of them were laughing—they were lost.
Hope you enjoyed it (despite that weird font change from copy and pasting!) and I look forward to the day it's finished!

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