Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bad News Good News

So this is kind of a good news bad news kind of post. Bad news, I've been laid off, good news more time for writing. Bad new, I've had stress related pain that presented like heart attack and spiked my blood pressure to 182/96. Good news, I've been laid off stressful job.

Bad news, I got edits back from beta and verbal slap about other books out. Good news he still wants to read it again when finished. Bad news, I pulled most of my books out of the selling market. Good news, they'll be back :) minor fixes, formatting, etc. But I'll wait until after the holiday. Bad news, I quite writing everyday during Nano cuz of stuff that came up. Good news, I did so much writing early on still finished with over 52k :)

Bad news, I haven't painted in two weeks. Good news, finished the last painting commission and it's at it's new home. Bad news, 10yo severe sass negative sarcasm session at parent (me) last night. Good news, I get extra chores done for next two weeks :)

Now that I've been laid off officially and am abel to go back to focusing on my writing and other arts, I'll be posting more again (I hope) as I won't have to choose between writing and blog time.And I'll hopefully be able to look at my writing with fresh eyes.

How've you all been while I've been roller coasting around with work, art, and writing??

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