Thursday, December 29, 2011

shall we try this again?

I had a lovely post written on Thursday. Beautiful, word perfect, and it's lost! Well I exaggerate. It wasn't word perfect, but it was from the heart. Those are usually my best ones. But sigh. It is gone to never-never-was land. And that night? I ended up taking a ride with my 3yo in an ambulance, over the pass, to the burn unit in Seattle. (I live in central/eastern Washington) Was not the best night of my life.

I was making homemade Ravioli's, I had pot of sauce on one burner, boiling water on the other. I turned to get the freshly filled ravioli's and felt this heat hit my legs about the same time my kid screamed. I picked him up, took off his shirt, calling for my 10yo to turn on the cold water in the tub as I wiped the marinara sauce of my kids face. I splashed water into his eyes and got all the sauce off and splashed water into his eyes and everywhere on his burns, until his shivering was as harsh as his screams. My poor 7 yo was crying because of the 3yo's pain. it was heart breaking. I did not have a phone. I finally was able to load FB chat & saw my husband was on way home, so I contacted my MIL & told her Nate would probably be bringing the older boys by.

Turned out she came to hospital, and their aunt came & took the boys to grandpa. Anyways,  the ER doc at the burn center said my quick action in taking off the sauce covered shirt saved his chest from getting burns, and possibly the eye as I flushed it so well, and had him underwater immediately. I'm glad because I still cannot believe he got that serving spoon. It was about six inches above his known reachability. I mean, he can figure out how to make things fall off shelves, but I've never seen him get anything that high without climbing. He's VERY short/small for his age. Part of the Down Syndrome. I'm still going over in my head how he got there so fast. When I turned, he'd been in the kitchen doorway.

Mostly, I'm relieved he didn't burn his hands!! I still can't believe how that happened! but the main glob landed on his forehead. It was a harrowing night, but the burn center let us go home the next day. Both my husband and I have been EMTs and neither one of us had any problems with wound care.

And once again, Breathless Press proved to be my silverlining while waiting. I found the contract in my email in the morning when we'd finally settled into a room, about 4 am. So grateful to them. It helped to have something to read when my mind didn't want to settle.

So, YAY!!  I have a contract! and I'll be getting my phones soon! Hope your holidays went well! Isaac's healing nicely. And we're all relieved.

Mostly I'm

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