Monday, November 7, 2011


LOL well, days 3, 4, 5, 6 went really well! Since I'd only done 400 the first day, it took some doing to get my average over 3k!! but I did it :) Day 7 now, and I've finished 800 of the 3k I wanted, but my total word count is 22,351!! A personal best, I think! I worked today so I'm fighting brain-stuck-on-dead-tired disease. I'm losing :P

Had really good write in via twitter with some pubwrite friends!! Loads of fun. ;)

Now trying to find gumption fo finish my minimums for today. Work seems to just take it all out of me. But I won't let work win!!!

I also need to figure out how to work some art time in...getting a hankering to do more than a little...these are the kind of moods that produce three to four paintings at a time :)

I also have to find a couch or two, an electric or wood fireplace and a car...we'll have like -$400 so pbbbttt lol

So back to writing and painting.and being a parent.

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