Monday, November 14, 2011

Nano is rocking :D

So much for daily blogs :) I am posting regularly on my FAcebook aruthor page though if you're wanting to watch this roller coaster ride to beat my own record :) HEre's where you can like my page

Anyways, to give you all an update. I'm doing pretty good here. I did have a couple of short days, then I took a break. I needed it. I was stuck on a particular aspect of it and was unable to write the "need this here" as the middle portion was dependent on the trick itself and had to be worked out.

So, we got an electric fireplace, I rearranged a few things and I've been making fun foods like torrone and cake, and I'm up to 40k on my MS yes, 40k since the 1st of November!! So excited. Trying to go higher, but we'll see what happens today :) My goal is to hit minimum of 60, but would REALLY like to hit 75k for the month! I'm on schedule to do that, but this has been the easy portion so far ;)

Any of you doing nano? If so, how are you doing? What's your goals? Are you stuck anywhere?

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