Thursday, November 3, 2011


I forgot that I wanted to post daily ;P so here's the wrap up of day's one and two.

Day one: My son's birthday, got told to do x amount of work from home so was looking forward to a day of baking cake, writing, and throwing a little work in. What actually happened? Boss remembered meeting in tricities (Over hour from Yakima, where office is located which I had to get to. PLus getting from office to freeway is like another twenty minutes. So, guess what? Day one was shot but did manage to put in 400 words before the night was out.

Day two: Haven't seen my thyroid meds.since Halloween which is only day I'd taken them since the prior week. Searched HIGH and low. Again. Had done that day before, but now I've roped kids into helping. No dice. So I clean and start dinner and start writing. I felt the drop when my body hit the I need meds now stage, but by then had written just over 2k for the day ;) When husband got home, he helped. Half hour later, I had my meds!!! Whoop! So finished day with 3700. Have now made up NaNoWriMo minimus for days one and two, but still short on personal goals. I need to aim at hitting 3k a day (which I can do!) or more, especially now that I'm working.

Day three has just begun. I'm starting the day at 4126 and I hope it goes well. I'm fighting allergies, cleaning and school for boys. And we're supposed to build recycle bins today for class project. (I know, awesome school day for my boys!!) Wish me luck and that a bigger percentage of my words will be awesome, epic and full of wonder and not rubbish worthy of only gitting hit with thte delete button. Tata for now ;)

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