Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Raven McAllan The Alpha's Challenge

Hi everyone! I'm doing NaNoWriMo. I promise to start posting regular updates for you all! In the meantime, my lovely and probably bestest friend in Scotland's beautiful land, Raven, has another cover reveal. This one really struck her heart, so I asked to write up a quick blog so I could show you her awesome cover that hit the spot and fits the characters so well. I know a lot of my followers are writers and will understand how meaningful it is when an artist gets it "just right" for our beloved characters. So, without further ado, Raven McAllan!

I never ever lose the thrill of a new cover. I see the email and my heart goes pitter patter, as I wonder what those talented cover artists will come up with.
I really don't have words enough to say how much I admire them, and my covers. In over 60 books I can count on one had those I've had to query, and some of them were down to me, and that weird 'one language separated by an ocean' thing we can all identify with.

However this one by Channing Harris, is spot on. And I'm not the best as describing my characters, I admit.
I opened the email, got goose bumps, shook cried a bit and then did a chair swivel jiggle and squeed everywhere.
The Alpha's Challenge will be out on 3rd December from Siren Bookstrand

Here's the awesome cover! Don't get too distracted because a blurb follows :)

Here's the blurb:

~ When human Ari Mackintosh lets wolf shifter Jacob Wolfe know she fancies him, fur and sparks fly. Especially, as Jacob isn't a mere shifter. He's the Alpha of his pack and a Dom to boot.
Jacob cannot believe his luck when he discovers that the woman he’s been lusting after from afar not only knows about shifters, but is turned on by seeing him shift. It becomes clear that Ari knows far more than she ought to when she recognized him in his wolf form.
It challenges Jacob, as it’s his duty to keep the pack safe. There are rules to follow—rules that he breaks one by one, as he cannot resist Ari’s natural submissiveness.
When push comes to shove and Jacob reveals his secrets, he is fully aware that they might send Ari away screaming. He has to take the chance and trust that she will stay.~

Sounds like another fantastic hot tale from her :D Congratulations!


  1. I'm still squeeing! and any errors are fibro-fog induced. Thanks for sharing for me :)