Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Days 1-11 NaNoWriMo

Yes, I know, I'm behind...blogging and writing! Days 1-11 have been quite eventful! First day, I had two sick boys, and  had to go rescue the eldest boy who'd totaled his car. This is how my NaNoWriMo started. Next day, I had the flu. Well, I still managed to start. I've managed a few over thousand days, but mostly, either not getting any words in (one day on purpose because I needed a day off.).

I've been re-editing and line editing The Ulfric's Mate. I've added 600 words straight up from old numbers to new. I deleted a few things here and there, and changed some words for stronger ones. It'll be interesting to see what the readers think of the new bits. :D I'm super excited! I'll do a cover reveal around the 20th as I'm looking to release on Black Friday!

I'm over 10k, about 4 days behind, I believe. I did over 2k two different days or I'd be behind even more! I'm also editing, was hoping to finish the hard one tonight so I could write the rest of the week. Doesn't look like it's going to happen. I started this blog five hours ago.... yeah...

Well, I'm painting, writing, editing, mothering, wifing, marketing, friending, quilting, crafting, crocheting...and forgetting stuff. JUST remembered about a water bill from three weeks ago... yeah. Need to talk to the city. *sighs loudly* Heaven have mercy, I'm overloaded.

I spent five weeks with excruciating headaches. Turns out, I needed bifocals. I'm  just getting used to them with fewer "oh my god bifocal throw up" moments than okay moments now. I'm so far behind on house and edits and writing, it's not even funny. And it's now seven hours since I started this blog. I cannot express to you the craziness that is my life. But really, when I say I'm overloaded, it's because I want to live life to the fullest, and my health--and that of my children--is trying to tell me to give up. But I won't. I won't give up any bit of my life of creating, loving, laughing and working in the arts at whatever level I choose to be involved. Which includes leaving me time to love on my children.

I'm gonna keep on keeping on. :D Soon, I'll make official news on here. Oh...well, suppose I should share the other news first: I am no longer affiliated in any way shape or form with Breathless Press and have no wish to be. You will no longer see books from them being promoted here. However, the authors are welcome to bring other books from other publishers. My beef is not with the authors as a group. I love my authors. I have pulled all books from that publisher, and my books will be re-released with other publishers and some self published. I am not giving up writing. So if you noticed a sudden decrease in books, no worries! They'll come out bigger and better than ever, shining brilliantly the way of my new future! *grins*

NaNo shall not defeat me. I shan't let it. I've made it every year and I have writing partners. We hall prevail! We shall overcome! We shall write!

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