Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm an Editor, did you know?

Hi :)

On the road to being published, I fell very ill. During that illness, I found a new job that turned into something I love: editing.

I thought I wasn't going to like it much, and boy was I wrong. I loved it! Loved watching the books change and morph, loved the relationships built with the authors, love learning with them, teaching them, reading all the varied stories, learning the authors' idiosyncrasies, etc.

Any who've read my blog long will know, I don't worry so much on social media what I do correctly/incorrectly. I do it to have fun. As soon as I worry about blog hits/being perfect, I quit doing it as I feel intimidated, and it loses its fun aspect. I'm not a good marketer, so that is a big hit to lose the ability to do something that was an outlet and warm-up for my writing, as well as keeping me up on google searches.

So this love of putting things right for authors and spending long hours for virtually nothing (the pay sucked, and once I was let go, there is apparently a clause you don't get paid for your work if you're not a currently active, so I get NOTHING for the last six months as the books haven't been released or just released, and they paid a low percentage up to 50/150/250 depending on length for minimum of over 10 hours of work on shortest stories with the paperwork. I made like MAYBE 500 dollars (I actually believe it was less as I got paid author royalties in same checks) over the course of seventeen months.) came as a bit of a surprise to me.

I've relocated as a line editor with a small press (no can't be paid anymore of what you're owed if you quit/can't work clause there!, and am Editor in Chief with the publisher Three Worlds Productions (no stupid clause here either) whom have decided to take its company and open it to all authors of all genres, including non fiction and coffee table books :D Lots of good happening on the writing front as well, but I'll leave that for another blog post.

I also freelance edit. Here are my rates: (psst if you have ever used my freelance services, you get to keep using me at the original price you've paid for. If you are/were a BP author, you may cut these rates in half. If you were MY BP author, message me as you get special privileges!)

Content Editor Rates (in US monetary):

$400 US – 1 to 19,999 words

$600 US – 20,000 to 44,999 words

$900 US – 45,000 to 74,999 words

$1150 US – 75,000 to 99,000 words

$1300 US – 99,001 to 119,999 words

$1500 US – 120,000 to 200,000 words **Will include length suggestions and suggested scenes to cut or where to make it into two books, First half will get the three passes if made into two books, with an extra pass if necessary for this rate. I am also available if you have questions regarding any aspect of the edit I did.


These rates will include the following:

Three passes (three rounds of edits from me) ie, you send MS, I'll send first round of edits. You make suggested changes/reject them, add to the story. That equals one pass. On my end, you will have edits back within two weeks for anything under 100k words. Over will be dependent on how far over.

It will include general grammar, cohesiveness, pacing, plot issues, character arcs, and overall opinion on the story, ie fits genre, that kind of thing. You will get three passes which will give you a chance to fix any plot issues and still have edits done on them. I believe firmly in the author's voice, and way of telling the story. Also, the final edit is done with heavy emphasis on grammar, punctuation, etc. and is essentially a line edit even though that is not included in the rates. Payment is due upfront unless other arrangements have been made.
If you are interested or know anyone who might be, you can comment here, PM me on FB, or email me :)
So, that's what's up with me. What is everyone else up to today?


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