Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winds of Fire work -grrr

I've done major revisions and I'm still not done :D the major revision was in response to comments from people on authononomy. Now my hubby, AKA THE EDITOR, is making the pages bleed :( s'okay. Now we can make the story sing with pizazz - or however you spell it :)

I'm keeping busy. Alternating crafts, getting my photos in order. The two main crafts I've been unable to do is painting and scrapbooking. But, I took a turn for the better this week in preparing the way. I've gone through my photos and stuff. One problem I'm having is I keep a major portion of my recent (five years or so) on digital. I went to pull them off my disk and they won't read as pics. I don't know what they're reading as, PVM OR PIM or something, but I can't get to them :((((( major bummer.

I've been quite busy. Besides the rewrites, I've had sick kids who are more than willing to stay home from school, but think they should be allowed to go their friends house after school. Yeah, NO. LOL

My Down Syndrome baby is doing well, despite his stuffy nose. May have to get hi on allergy meds. He seems to do okay for a while than has trouble. The thing with allergy meds, unless I want to dose him up with benadryl all the time, you have to take them regularly. I probably will start him back up on Claritin. I'm going to be doing more walking, so he will be exposed to the outside up close and personal :)

Hope everyone else is doing well.


  1. I'm so impressed you can edit with your husband. I've asked him once or twice to look at something - but I don't think it's really good for us in the long run. ;)

    It sounds like you have a ton going on - hang in there!!

  2. @Myster Robin

    Wow. Your comment just posted :P
    As to my husband editing, I have decided that except for small spurts, it's not really good for us in the long run either. LOL

    Merry Christmas!