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Guest Author D.F. Krieger

Have I got a treat for you!! One lucky commenter will win a five dollar gift card! But, first, lookie at ze vonderful co-ver! (sorry bad french accent lol)


  Too cool right?? Lovely author. Here's the blurb and an excerpt!

What's a man to do when the woman he's destined to mate is not only the strange one of her clan, she's also stubborn, strong-willed, exasperating, and rash? He loves her, of course! What's a woman to do when the man she's destined to mate is handsome, kinder than expected, and powerful? She gives him hell, of course!

Enter Nyna and Atian, two shifters of very different species, sworn to each other in an ancient pact that strengthens the alliance of their people. Atian expected a quiet, submissive doe when he met Nyna. What he got was a female deer shifter full of life and fire, who not only made him work for his right to claim her as mate, but who caught his heart and made it hers when she did so. The wolf in him rejoiced at having such a strong mate. But their joy was short-lived, for news soon came that Nyna's home tribe had been wiped out. Against her husband's orders, Nyna leaves to see it for herself and save who she can, unwittingly putting herself in mortal danger.

Can Atian get there before his beautiful mate becomes someone else's prey?


When the cheers quieted down, he gestured at two villagers. They slipped off while he returned his attention to Nyna. "The Great Mother decrees that we are to honor both male and female, as one cannot exist without the other. I have just honored you, my wife, and now I would like to show your people that I honor you. When the dawn comes, some of my people will be taking gifts to the Awahi, as a bride-price. They will take meat, maize, and these…"

The two villagers who had left returned now. Each carried an armload of items. They knelt before Nyna and, with a flourish, threw open their bundles of furs to display the goods within. Atian was pleased with the gasp of surprise Nyna emitted.

He knelt to pick up each one of the items, hoping that she would be happy with his choices. "This is from the Churro. Your people will be able to make many warm blankets from the wool," he said as he picked up a ball of yarn. "The meat is bison. The hunt this year was good and will help the Awahi get through the winter. This powder is made from the maize and can be used to make bread." He sat down the pouch of ground corn and picked up another pouch, then loosened it and spilled the contents in his hand. Beautiful conch shells of many shades and sizes cascaded out, tinkling as they piled into his palm. "These shells come from far away. A village that we trade with and hunt beside during the bison hunt got them from a village that lives by the great waters. The Awahi can use them for decorations, medicine, or to trade for valuable goods."

Nyna reached a hand forward, her motions slow, her hand shaking. She selected one of the conch shells and studied it closer. "It is beautiful." Her words were no louder than a whisper of awe. "My people...The Awahi will be very grateful, but..." She placed the shell back into his palm with the others. "I think you honor me too greatly. I am not worth this bride-price."

Atian laughed, though his heart broke in two. How could this strong, proud female think herself of such little worth? "You are my wife, and it is my right to determine your bride-price if I so wish to pay it. To me, to the Wahya, you are worth this."

He dropped the conch shells back in their bag, then drug Nyna to her feet and ushered her to the dwelling they shared. His people, believing the retreat to be a sign of his intention to lay with his mate, picked up their festivities once more. Atian was relieved they didn't see what he had. The reason why he'd brought Nyna home.

A single tear that had slipped from her eye and slid down her cheek.

It broke his heart to see that tear and he resolved that tonight, he would refrain from mating with his wife, though his body yearned for it. Tonight he would envelop her in the shadows of his protection.
Publisher's Link (Breathless Press): and Amazon link
And if you can't seem to get enough of her, here's two more books! One is non-fiction and is focused on animal rescue. Hop to it and get a copy of your favorite today!

Ruff Love:

In animal rescue, no story ever has a happy beginning, but can they have a happy end?
Working animal rescue is never pretty, and not all animals get that perfect ending. Follow the stories of some amazing animals who not only had a rough life, but beat the odds and found complete contentment. Kittens, dogs, and even a bobcat fill these pages with their true "tails" of being rescued and getting that second chance.
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And, don't forget this one:

Virtual Code: Infinity Love
Zayda, mourning the death of her husband, creates a virtual reality program that will allow you to make and interact with models that walk, talk, and appear like any one you want. There's one thing she can't tell anyone—the data she used to create her husband came from his personal data chip. Data chips are installed at birth in every person and are considered the center of the soul. Use of data chips in programming is forbidden.

When Meric is activated, he exhibits behaviors unlike any of the test models that lead her to question reality and whether some laws are worth being broken. Or perhaps it's all just programming...
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Also, remember that it's usually better to buy direct from the publisher! Breathless Press has multiple formats, including epub for the nook and also the kindle format. (and they have a wonderful point system for you to take advantage of!)

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