Monday, March 19, 2012


I said I would blog more and here I am, blogging more :D

I went to dentist today and had a cleaning. I have 9 cavities left to fill. Oh and, by the way, we're pretty sure your insurance is used up. We'll double check. (the root canal eats it up quick!) sigh. Well, anyways, I'll figure out. Maybe some rich person will see my art and ask me to do paintings for every room of their gigantic mansion. Maybe a portrait or two? LOL It can happen...

Anyways, I'm just popping over 7k on my short, but haven't worked on it since 6am yesterday. I'm determined to finish it today and send it off tonight or tomorrow after a last run through. I've been editing as I go, so there shouldn't be too many problems. One can hope. After that, I'll be finishing the Dangerous Journey which was started as a serial here. Be sure to read from the beginning :D

I'll take fan mail at all time and if there's something you REALLY gotta know, be sure to tell me so it gets in the anthology LOL My fellow bloggers, readers, writers, et al. I must return to the fray. Fare the well, and all that!

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