Monday, March 26, 2012

Things, and more stuff.

Well, I'm beginning to understand I'll never have a normal life. I kinda wondered when my youngest was born with Dwon Syndrome, but had hoped when my two eldest where on their own, that I'd be able to normalize things a little bit w/ no teens in the house. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. Most of you know the highlights of this last year, which includes medical thing like brain surgery for eldest and marinara sauce on my son's face, and money things like garnishments for the year, so you know, things are not normal around here.

Is it irony that the new remodel in the kitchen would have made it nearly impossible for my son to get burned? I wouldn't have been turned that way to get the ravioli's. One of life's idosyncracies. Or is it subconcious in the way Nate & I designed the kitchen? Neither one of us ever said "making it harder for kids to get burned" as a reason to put anything anywhere. But the stove is about a foot from the sink and already, I've had my 3yo zoom through the kitchen (it's in the middle of the house) not looking, walking, or rather, running, his sock monkey, and bump into me while I was moving boiling pasta to the sink for draining. Since I did not have to cross any long span of floor, This only resulted in me putting the pot on the sink edge to keep from falling/spilling.  Already, the remodel has earned it's keep. But it makes things crazy around here.

It also made us move our living space again, and I did not like it. So after two weeks, we moved the living space around and now I have a real mess. Been cleaning it/spring cleaning it and the rest of stuff. Need to do boys' rooms as well, and get someone to come pick up our malfunctioning refrigerator and defunct dryer. It's going to be super organized because it needs to be.

Went to doctor with my 8yo on Friday to discuss behavioral things and thyroid things. Guess what? We're being referred to Children's Village because she thinks he has High Functioning Autism. So, please forgive the lack of post Fri/Sat as I'd planned on doing one but did research and cleaning instead. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the new information, the stress to get this house reorganization done the best way. Usually, I'm like well, if I don't like it, I'll fix it later. But now, we need to do that as little as possible.

Anyone know a good housekeeper that'll work for art?? lol

I have managed to turn in Traincoach of Death (can't remember if I mentioned that) and write 5500 on the Dangerous Journey (which required more research for nautical terms. Geez, trains, boats, what's next? Planes? My poor head has learned a lot in the last two weeks!!!) and I'm going to try to get that done today or tomorrow. So I have time to edit and turn in by Friday. Wish me luck as I have another novel to write, and two more novels floating around in my head screeching to be let out, including the sequel to The Ulfric's Mate (don't you love the cover ;D).

Oh and I'm putting the garden in this week as well. Hope things stay a little calmer this week...

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