Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I know, I forgot.

I forgot to blog yesterday. However, my goal is 3-5x a week, so I'm still good. I finished the first installment of the Traincoach of Death series (a mystery). It'll need editing, I'm sure, but I love the new world. Imagine if Great Britian won the Revolutionary War, or it would be known as the American Rebellion :D or some such thing. things would progress similarly as they took over this part, but maybe they would have conquered Mexico? I don't know. I haven't decided how far reaching they are in my alternate world. But one thing that's changed...We never made cars. It's all by rail or horses. But we have personal rail cars, called Traincoaches, which work much like our vehicles of today, except they run on rails.

I've been quite fascinated with it, ever since I had a dream set in such a world. I hope others are as fascinated as I am :D Now, I'm getting down and serious on finishing up Dangerous Journey (fantasy set in the world of Splintered Lands, as I've mentioned ad naseum lol)  :D Hopefully before the next set of edits on my paranormal romance, The Ulfric's Mate, get's back to me, or the Barely There edits from the anthology Ravaged, comes back to me.

Oh dear, have I confused you yet? LOL Yes, I have a TON of writing going on, and the best part? ALL of it is paid writing gigs :D *dances* *looks around* Ahem, excuse me, I'm just a bit excited over the whole thing! lol However, this pantster had to put her foot in the door of a plotter (I used to work in an office, I do know HOW to organize) and make files for everything (thank God we have a filing cabinet in the house now!) and make character cards, labeling the series and books each character has appeared in. *Shudder*

It was necessary.

In other news, we've been rearranging things and I'm going to have a painting space again :) I'm so excited I can barely keep the squeees from coming out LOL I've said it before, but I need to paint AND write. One helps the other. They are simbiotic with me. If I don't do both, they both suffer for it. I've been living vicariously through my good artist friend Russ Potak (who really is amazing. I may try to get him to interview here for me someday. I'm in love with his work. I can't get enough of it :) and looking at other art things when I can. As my old professor used to say: YOU CANNOT CREATE IN A VACCUUM!

Okay, soap box done for the day. I won't even go on about how that applies to writers as well and the need to READ...Oh wait, I just did *G* Consider it my PSA for the day.

Now, off to do more writing, reading, and organizing while dreaming about painting!

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